Staying competitive in the dynamic world of aviation requires risk management with a sophisticated understanding of this sector. With continuous changes to aviation organizations, there are new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and either retained or transferred.

Our Aviation ExpertiseMarsh’s Aviation Practice is broker to some of the world’s major airlines, manufacturers, commercial fixed wing and helicopter operators, and airports.

Marsh currently employs more than 300 aviation specialists throughout the world, including 50 in 8 offices across Canada, making it the leading aviation broker in Canada.

In addition, Marsh Canada has a dedicated in-house Aviation Risk Control Strategies group which provides loss control assessments for both airside and ground operations. We have designed training programs on Safety Management Systems and Aircraft Incident Investigations. This group can also provide specialist fire protection and engineering studies for airport exposures including terminal facilities, hangars, and fuel farms.

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Aviation Risk
February 17, 2011  |  Views: 33842 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Aviation Risk
Our services extend far beyond the placement of insurance. The Aviation Practice has a team of experts dedicated to providing clients with proactive, competitive and comprehensive ...  Read More...
Business Continuity Management
July 04, 2011  |  Views: 34223 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Business Continuity Management
Disasters disrupt thousands of businesses and lives every year. Each disaster has lasting effects to both people and property. Some businesses and services never recover when force...  Read More...
Dealing with the High Risks of Mergers and Takeovers
March 24, 2011  |  Views: 35500 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Dealing with the High Risks of Mergers and Takeovers
Corporate directors and officers face mounting risks of personal liability. These stem fromtheir actions, inactions, and often merely because they were directors and officers (D&O)...  Read More...
Multinational Risk
April 03, 2011  |  Views: 33029 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Multinational Risk
Marsh’s Multinational Client Service Practice (MCSP) delivers insurance solutions and service excellence to clients whose programs require the commitment of global expertise and an...  Read More...
Representation and Warranty Insurance
February 21, 2011  |  Views: 38935 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Representation and Warranty Insurance
Merger and acquisition transactions generally require the seller to indemnify the buyer for breaches of the representations and warranties that are made in the purchase and sale ag...  Read More...
U.S. Workers' Compensation
February 20, 2011  |  Views: 33508 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
U.S. Workers' Compensation
Marsh Canada has access to the specialized resources provided by the U.S. Workers’ Compensation Practice to assist our clients on complex placements as well as claim and/or service...  Read More...
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Companies Entering Space Travel Business Face Wide Range of Risks
April 19, 2010  |  Views: 34177 |  Comments: 0  | Article Rating
Companies Entering Space Travel Business Face Wide Range of Risks
As its space shuttle program winds down, NASA plans to look to the private sector to fill the gap for space travel — creating both significant opportunities for businesses as well ...  Read More...
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April 27, 2011  |  Views: 7334
First-Quarter Insurance Rate Increases Confined to Loss-Affected Exposures: Marsh
Global Insurance Markets Under Pressure as Atlantic Hurricane Season Approaches Despite record level first-quarter catastrophe losses, insurance rate increases were confined to lo...  Read More...

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